• My recent travel experience to Goa to enjoy holidays with friends


                Everyone knows that Goa is one of the preferable tourist destinations in India to enjoy especially with the friends. I have recently gone there to enjoy holidays with my friends. It is definitely a suitable place for all foreign tourists and domestic travellers. We had so much of fun, joy, and energy at the sun kissed Goa beaches. The best coastal lines and tranquil surroundings made me pleasure and fresh to enjoy each and every aspect of that trip.

    We live in Dubai and every year our friend’s gang has been planning for the different trips at the various tourists locations around the world. This year, we have planned to go to Goa which is the incredible tourist destination in India. First of all, I and my friend Clara started collecting information about the Goa and its tourism. We were shocked and surprised with the information obtained from the online Goa travel guide. We collected all details about heritage churches, beaches, and night life of Goa and began our trip on one Tuesday.

    Goa beaches:

    What can I say about beaches of Goa? Wow! They are really amazing and nice to see and enjoy with the friends. There are world-class beaches in Goa and it is blessed with the 125 km of coastal lines. We five friends went there to enjoy 20 days of holidays in India. Initially, we planned to enjoy only 10 days in Goa and remaining days in other places of India. But when we stepped down in Goa, we forgot everything and started enjoying all things. Then, we changed our plan and enjoyed our 20 days holidays only in Goa.

    I amazed with the famous Goa beaches for its enthralling beauty of the silvery sand, endless rows of palm trees, and blue sea. With the beautiful coastal lines and beaches, it is a popular place for the different water sports, night camping, and moonlight parties. I and my friends have participated in several water sport activities and have a new adventurous experience in Agonda beach, Goa. After that we went to Baga beach which is a favorite place to enjoy weekend with family and friends.

    Met a honeymoon couple:

    Today, Goa is the most visited travel destination especially for the honeymoon couples. We saw a lot of newly married couples who came there to enjoy their honeymoon. I and my friend John went to one restaurant in Goa and there we met one beautiful young couple. Their names are Peter and Jenny, and they are from Auckland. As wonderful lovers, I can say that they are really amazing and suitable couples.

    They told us their love story and easily mingled with our friend’s group. After that, they joined with us to enjoy remaining days of Goa trip in various attractions. Mr. Peter told me a lot of places to visit in Goa and what all the night parties for friends are. Thus, we enjoyed a lot in this last Goa trip with so many memories.

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